Microimplant-assisted rapid palatal expanders (MARPE) and Maxillary Skeletal Expanders (MSE)

Sometimes, a patient has an upper arch that is too narrow to fit properly with the lower arch and within the smile. If the patient is still growing, it is possible to expand the upper arch using traditional, tooth-supported expanders such as Rapid Palatal Expanders (RPE), Hyrax, quad-helix, Schwartz, and others. However, when a patient’s skeletal growth stops and maturity is reached, it takes more than traditional means to achieve the width needed for bite correction and aesthetics. This is where the MSE and MARPE are utilized.

The Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) and Microimplant-Assisted Rapid Palatal Expander (MARPE) are orthodontic appliances that are an alternative to extensive surgical procedures to correct jaw width issues in adult patients.  These appliances allow non-surgical correction for adults with high, narrow palates or upper and lower jaw discrepancies.

How do MSEs and MARPEs work?

The MSE and MARPE have changed the way we treat palate expansion issues in adults. Traditionally, orthognathic surgery procedures like SARPE (Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion) were the only ways to correct crossbite and width issues in adults. The MSE and MARPE have allowed countless patients to avoid surgery while achieving a broad, healthy smile and bite. Our doctors will prescribe a set number of turns for you to perform at home. Each turn will slightly widen the expander and provide bite correction. Our doctors will supervise your treatment from beginning to end, making sure you obtain the best bite and smile possible. 

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